Alcovy Internal Medicine offers comprehensive nutritional counseling, lipotonix injections, and one on one appointments with your healthcare provider to assist you on this journey to achieving better health.


The focus of our weight loss program is to help our clients in gaining a better understanding of nutrition and live healthier lives.

The key to significant and sustained weight loss is through dietary changes. Keys to success:


Natural Foods

Eating fresh organic foods and leaving out processed items is a fundamental aspect of our program. Dr. McBee devoted months of research to nutrition and how the body naturally utilizes and processes the things that we eat. So, the recommendations that we make in our visits are evidence based and proven in research. 



Through monthly visits, food diary review, and personal consultation with your healthcare provider, our clients are given all they need to succeed!

Lipotonix Injections

Lipotonix Plus Injection. This is a vitamin complex and three amino acids (MIC Complex) to help with appetite suppression and promote fat metabolism. These injections provide a natural option for those who do not wish to take medication for weight loss or cannot take medications due to a pre-existing condition.

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